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Pre-Order How to use a Meat Cleaver


Everyone who Pre-Orders their copy of How To Use a Meat Cleaver by Renee, Lana & Jennifer Graziano before February 3rd 2014 will receive:

1. A signed photo not seen in the book of Renee, Lana and Jennifer

2. An Exclusive invite to a private webinar session with Renee, Lana and Jennifer to watch them cook a dish and answer all your questions!

3. Be entered in the ” Cook with the Graziano’s” Contest.  One lucky person will be selected to have Renee, Lana and Jennifer travel to your home for the day and cook with you in your kitchen! They will teach you how to cook their favorite recipe from the book and eat with your family!

How to Win?

1. Purchase your pre-order from one of these online retailers

2. Email us your email confirmation after you purchase to preorder@reneegraziano.com


Posted by:
Renee Graziano
Renee Graziano is the daughter of Anthony Graziano, who according to the Federal Government was a high ranking member of La Cosa Nostra. Renee grew up during the heyday of the mob -- when things still fell off trucks and people still dropped off envelopes even when it wasn't your birthday. Immersed in the culture since birth, she embraced the lifestyle as her own and became a "mob loyalist". Renee eventually married (then divorced) Junior. Together they have one son, AJ. When Renee was young her best friend was arrested and sentenced to many years behind bars. This was her first real introduction to prison, but unfortunately not her last. Thanks to a circle of friends living the street life, Renee has visited over 83 prisons and written hundreds of letters to comfort the many friends she had on "the inside." This correspondence gave her the idea to turn her love of the "the life" into a greeting card company called JAIL MAIL. Renee sometimes longs for the good old days, but thanks to her friends she is slowly starting to realize that this is not a life she wants her son to lead. She struggles to balance her allegiance to the street life with her hopes that her son will live a life free of it all. Renee is hysterical, Renee is crazy, and Renee is drama, but she will be the first to give you the shirt off her back. Everyone and anyone who knows her, knows this.

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